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Solar Tracking Controller with
Hi-Wind Speed Parking!

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40% + Power Gains can easily be realized with solar tracking!
STA2000-HW Solar Tracker Controller for Single or Dual axis Tracker Systems

Compatible with Wattsun tracker Systems!

...some recent comments...

"Thank you for the brilliant Solar Stalker and your INCREDIBLE craftsmanship."  John F., CA.

"So glad to see my Wattsun's tracking again!  Thank you!!" N.A, CO

"I have 4 of these on my Wattsuns.  Every Wattsun tracker owner needs these!, Great product!"J.K, PA

"I bought mine 3 years ago and it has worked tremendously!", Eric P, PA

"It's working flawlessly. It is spot on also in full sun light.", G.W, TN

"18 units & 4 years ago and still working!", M.C, TN
"I think that for my use when the weather is good it will provide 100% of requirements.",D.M., Eng
"Received the controller today, it looks really nice.", R.R., UT

Solar Tracking Control with
Hi-Wind Speed Parking!

The NEW STA2000-HW Dual/Single Axis
Solar Tracker Controller offers user
configurable operation AND a new and
exclusive HI-Wind Speed Parking feature. 

After investing a lot of time and money in your solar system,
a big fear is what happens when high winds suddenly appear.
  If the solar panels are not positioned in a way that offers the
least resistance to wind, severe damage to your structure can result. 
To aid in avoiding this, one must constantly keep an eye on current
weather conditions and manually position the panels to a safer horizontal
position when high winds are forecast to arrive.  

Imagine a system controller that will do this automatically!
We did!
 ...and the STA2000-HW can!

Installation is FAST & EASY!

Mount the Sensor to your tracker system
Install the anemometer in an unobstructed location
Connect your tracker motors to the labeled Control lines
Apply 12-24vdc power
Enter 'Manual Mode' and sync your motors to the controller
Switch to 'AUTO' mode
 & you're ready to go!

In addition to all of the normal tracking features, the STA2000-HW
includes a user configurable Hi-Wind Speed parking feature. 
By enabling this feature, you can set the desired wind speed trigger
from 5 to 65 MPH.  The included anemometer provides constant monitoring
of wind speeds and in the event of a Hi-Wind Speed event, the system will
immediately seek a safer horizontal position, minimizing the risk of possible
wind damage.  As high winds continue, the STA2000-HW will hold that position
until wind speeds subside to a safe level once again, upon which,
normal tracking will result.

STA2000-HW Controller with
Bright LCD Real-Time Status Display.


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Increase Solar Energy Harvesting with SMART Solar Tracking
40% + Power Gains can easily be realized with solar tracking!

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